an 18th century dream

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Manuel Souza Freire born around 1760, in a house currently in ruins in front of the estate. He use to dream about an magnificent place of what he saw in front of him, that place is today's Quinta da Tapada.

When he passed away, at the age of 80 - without any direct descendants, since he never married or had children - he passed his dream to the role. The project come from a dream realized by his nephew António Pinto de Souza Freire, who concluded it about 7 years later, around 1849.

Our story

This journey started
about 170 years ago


Estate from 18th century

Manuel Sousa Freire was the founder of Quinta da Tapada. The estate is characterized by it's Art Nouveau style.


Lacticínios da Tapada

Founded on October 3, 1940.


Lacticínios Halos Lda.

Founded on January 20, 1943 in Paços de Ferreira.


Lacticínios Halos Lda. as tenant

In 1969, Lacticínios Halos Lda. Installed itself in Quinta da Tapada as a tenant and absorbed Lacticínios da Tapada.


Last Lord of Quinta da Tapada

Manuel Casimiro de Lencastre Pereira Leite was Lord of Quinta da Tapada during 1914 and 1970.


Public auction

Quinta da Tapada is in public auction.


Purchase of Quinta da Tapada

In 1987, Lacticínios Halos Lda. purchased Quinta da Tapada.


Lacticínios Halos SA

In 1991, Lacticínios Halos Lda. became Lacticínios Halos SA.


Current owner

Mr. Augusto de Sousa buys Lacticínios Halos SA, being its current owner.


Our production

An accurate and
careful monitoring

Our activity is mainly focused on the dairy industry, with a monthly cheese production of around 23,000kg. We are also experienced in wine production and Kiwi harvests.

Our routes

Our estate is one of the most iconic places on famous tourist routes of our region, explore it while take us a visit. We're proud to be part of a vast patrimony.